Are you trying to stop masturbation? Well, you are in the right place. BRAINILL provides Free step by step articles that explain masturbation addiction in detail and how to break free from it.

We Know that traditional methods don’t help people to stop masturbation. However, these methods are so common that they became the accepted way across the world.

We don’t teach harnessing willpower and counting days. our method is effective because it doesn’t rely on abstaining from porn, feeling deprived, changing your lifestyle or suffering a transitional period.  

Our Mission is to free people from the slavery of masturbation addiction. So they can get rid of the constant depression and guilt. We will help you restore your self-respect and confidence in yourself.

While others are focusing on distracting yourself from temptation we are interested in ending the temptation altogether. We teach the long and permanent way to stop masturbation. We don’t advocate reducing the frequency or short-term methods. 

About Us


Masturbation addiction forces millions of people to suffer in silence. Leaving them Afraid to seek help in fear of the stigma. Hence, people seek help on social media platforms anonymously. Unfortunately, with so much contradictory information  and useless techniques on the internet, no one is able to stop

We decided to step up to the task and gather all the information about masturbation addiction. Filtering the misconceptions created by tradition and culture. Cutting through layers of false information, claims, and beliefs.

Our mission is to show you that it is actually easy to stop. Once you understand how masturbation addiction works and how it tricks your mind. Once you can see clearly that there is no pleasure whatsoever, the temptation will stop and quitting will cease to be a problem anymore.


Masturbation FAQ:

1-I Have Been Masturbating For Years I Can’t Stop Now.

The More You Masturbated The More Your Chances Are Of Escaping The Addiction. Simply, Because You Are Not Fooling Yourself Anymore, You Lost The Illusion Of Pleasure. Yet You Don’t Know How To Stop. We Are Gonna Teach You How.

2-I Failed Couple Hundred Times Before, It’s Not Gonna Work.

Using The Right Password For Your Email Account Will Always Work, No Matter How Many Times You Failed To Open It With A Wrong One. The Right One Will Still Work Even If You Used Hundred Different Wrong Passwords. 

3-Why Stop? It Reduces My Stress, I Need It.

How Is Watching, Hearing Or Reading Porn And Imagining People Or Yourself Having Sex, while Simultaneously Activating Your Sexual System Can Reduce Stress. In Fact, It’s Doing The Exact Opposite. 

4-I Don’t Have The Willpower To Stop.

Addiction Is A Case Of Doing Something Harmful To Yourself While At The Same Time Still Perceive It As A Pleasure. However, If You Stop Seeing it As A Pleasure, The Temptation Stops. You Don’t Need Willpower For That.

5-I Don’t Do It Often, However, Sometimes It Helps When I am Bored.

If It Helps When You Are Bored  Why Are You Doing It Often? Why Not All The Time, Why Do You Feel The Need To Control It, Only Doing It At Times Of Boredom? 

6-I Am Not Having Sex, And I need It At Least Till I Do.

Watching People Eating Food Won’t Replace Food And End Your Hunger. It’s The Same With Sex, Masturbation Is Not A Substitute For Sex.

7-Masturbation is healthy, there is a lot of research that supports this fact.

Do you mean that you only masturbate because you want to gain those health benefits? Do you start masturbating because you have a desire to decrease the risk of prostate cancer? I’m sure you don’t. What about people who don’t want those benefits anymore, why aren’t they able to stop. What about research that supports porn addiction? I am sure you aren’t using your imagination.